Orlando disability attorneys answer your questions about Social Security disability appeals

Every day, in our work as Orlando disability attorneys, we meet good people who are struggling to get through a difficult time – good people who have spent years working hard and paying into Social Security only to be denied benefits when they need help the most. We understand how frustrating this can be, and how difficult it can be to find straightforward answers in the maze of Social Security government bureaucracy. We have helped many Metro Orlando Social Security applicants navigate the appeals process. We can help you too.

Please take a few moments to review our website. Below, we’ve provided answers to a few of the questions we hear most often. We’ve provided more detailed information, on a broad range of topics, in our videos throughout the site and our Social Security library (at the bottom of the page). You can learn more about our backgrounds and our approach to disability cases by reading About Us and How We Can Help.

Why was my claim denied?

There are many possible reasons your claim may have been denied, but they all generally boil down to this: The Social Security Administration determined you are not “disabled,” as that term is defined by law. According to the Social Security regulations, a person is “disabled” if he (or she) has a severe, long-lasting or terminal, impairment that prevents him from engaging in any type of gainful employment. In every case, the Social Security decision-maker goes through a 5-step analysis to determine if an applicant meets the definition of “disabled” and is entitled to an award of benefits. Those 5 steps are:

  1. Is the applicant presently working?
  2. Does the applicant have a “severe” impairment?
  3. Is the impairment severe enough to meet or equal a “Listing” impairment (thus rendering the applicant “disabled” by law)
  4. Can the applicant do the work he has done in the past?
  5. Can he do any other type of work generally available in the economy?

Your claim was denied because, rightly or wrongly, the Social Security Administration determined that proof of your disability failed at some point in this analysis.

Should I appeal?

In most cases, the answer to this question is “yes.” Nationally and in Florida, Social Security disability applications are denied more often than not, as are the overwhelming majority of all first appeals (written requests for reconsideration). However, more than half of all Social Security disability applicants who pursue their appeal to a hearing before an administrative law judge are awarded benefits. The Social Security Administration, like any large bureaucracy, makes mistakes; it is possible, even likely, that your claim was denied in error. The only way to correct that error is to appeal.

Do I really need a lawyer?

There is no Social Security rule or regulation that requires you to have a lawyer in order to be awarded benefits. However, even the Social Security Administration agrees that your chances of success are greatly improved if you have an experienced Social Security lawyer on your side. An Orlando disability attorney who knows the law and understands local practices can help you focus your appeal on the issues that matter to the Social Security decision-maker. For example, you may be focused on the fact that no one will hire you or that any job you might be able to get won’t pay enough to support your family. As real as these concerns are to you, they are irrelevant to the Social Security Administration. The Social Security Administration only wants to know if you meet the strict legal definition of “disabled.” An experienced Orlando disability attorney can help you gather the medical and vocational evidence you need to prove your disability in a convincing manner.

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